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Miller Gray

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Price includes loader, mounts and a bucket. Shipping, labor and any other costs not included in package price.
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Tractor HP Range (hp)

80 - 175

Wheelbase Range (in)

93 - 108

Tractor OP Weight (lbs)

Up to 15,000

Loader Weight (lbs)

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Tractor Info / Requirements
Horsepower80 - 175
Wheelbase93 - 108
Operating WeightUp to 15,000
Loader Specifications & Capabilities
Loader Weight without Bucket or Mounts (lb)1,790
Miller loader Specifications for gp25
Basic Information
[A] - Max Lift height (in)12'-11" (155)
[B] - Max height under level bucket (in)11'-10" (142)
[C] - Clearance with bucket dumped 45 deg (in) 10'-2" (124)
[D] - Reach at Max Lift and 45 deg dump (in)28"
[E] - Max dump angle (deg)44
[F] - Reach on Ground with 35" deep bucket (in)90
[G] - Bucket Rollback angle (deg)32
[H] - Dig Depth (in)6
Max Breakaway Lift Force with load 31.5" (800mm) ahead of Bucket Pivot Pin5,900
Full Height Lift Force with load 31.5" (800mm) ahead of Bucket Pivot Pin (lbs)4,900
Max Bucket Rollback Force with load 31.5" (800mm) ahead of Bucket Pivot Pin8,000
All Specifications and graphs based on ASAE S301.3 Standard using hydraulic pressure of 3000 psi and load 31.5" (800mm) ahead of bucket pivot pin with general purpose bucket in horizontal position.